Da Vinci's Code

Professor Christopher Witcombe, Art History

ARTH 340 FALL 2004 Thursdays 1:15-3:45

Are you intrigued by what the Da Vinci Code discusses and proposes concerning Mary Magdalen, the Gospels and Apocrypha, the Christian Church, the Holy Grail, and the art and writings of Leonardo da Vinci?

The course Da Vinci's Code examines the authenticity, truth, plausibility, and validity of the novel's claims in the context of Renaissance art and culture.

Contents & Schedule


Mary Magdalen, the Gospels, and the Church

Mary Magdalen, Life and Legend, and the Sacred Feminine

Leonardo da Vinci's Life, Art, and Writings

Meaning and Mystery in Renaissance Art

Myths, Legends, Cults, and Societies

The Occult, Magic, Nature, and the Universe

Ancient Wisdom, Hidden Knowledge, Mysteries, and Secrets

Parables and Allegories

Codes, Patterns, and Symbols

Numbers and Numerology

Sacred Geometry and Proportions

Prophecy and the Future

Fear and Faith

The Backlash Against Women

The Public Response to the Da Vinci Code

Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe
Sweet Briar College